For the study group to be registered and formally affiliated to NACCUG, it should meet the following criteria

. The credit union shall be required to have a minimum membership of 100 members.
. Founding members shall undergo a credit union member educational program for a period of six months with personnel from NACCUG.
. Members of such societies shall be required to pay an entrance fee of not less D100.
. Members of the credit union shall be required to save not less than D100 per month in case of work placed groups or D50 in case of community based.
. Credit unions are required to have a permanent offices to operate from with the credit union’s signboard and business hours properly written and conspicuously placed. 
. The credit union shall engage the service of a staff/ volunteer who will be trained to maintained accurate records.
. Before a credit union is affiliated with NACCUG, NACCUG shall conduct a feasibility study to ascertain that the conditions surrounding the formation of the credit union prove that it can be viable.
. Affiliation of a credit union shall be effected by NACCUG when it has accumulated minimum savings of D30, 000 and shares not less than D10, 000.
Study groups seeking affiliation should submit their current financial statement before a study group is registered and affiliated to NACCUG. It shall meet the following minimum obligations to NACCUG.
. 10% of total savings invested to the NACCUG CFF.
. Acquire two shares of a nominal value of D5000 each 
total D10, 000.
. Pay affiliation fees as per the membership at the time of affiliation. 
When the study group finalizes its bye-laws and meets the affiliation requirements of NACCUG, they will be recommended for registration with the Registrar of Co-operatives.

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