Education & Training

NACCUG, provides credit union education and sensitization on the philosophy and operating principles of credit unions to both new and existing Credit Unions. Capacity building trainings are also provided to board of directors, supervisory committee and other committees on their roles and responsibilities in order to ensure the smooth operations of all the credit unions. In addition, specialized training packages are also offered based on the need and requirements of the credit unions from time to time.


As the apex body responsible for the overall supervision and coordination of credit union activities, NACCUG carry out audit functions for credit unions that cannot pay for the services of private auditing firms on an annual basis. This responsibility is delegated to NACCUG by the Registrar of Cooperatives as way of ensuring regular financial reporting by credit unions to their members.

Field Services

Field Officers represent NACCUG in all the regions of the Gambia. The Officers are stationed in the regions to monitor and at times update books of accounts for smaller credit unions within their jurisdiction. NACCUG also carry out periodical monitoring and inspection of credit unions across the country.

Central Finance Facility

The Central Finance Facility (CFF) of the NACCUG Serves as an investment window for credit unions. It offers a wide range of products and services to credit unions such as the Savings Products and Term or Fixed Deposit at competitive rates. The investment window serves as a leverage to bring about attractive returns on investments for Credit Union and contribute to the sustainability of NACCUG.

The CFF also serves as liquidity support to credit unions through the granting of loans to Credit unions. Depending on the duration of the loan, different types of loan products could be accessed from the CFF.


As credit unions in The Gambia are growing in membership and assets sizes, the need for robust MIS Software cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, Credit Unions are encouraged to use one of the current software packages under the license of NACCUG namely Sinrika and FERN. The Sinrika Software is a locally-based and usually applicable for small Credits Unions whilst the FERN Software is a sophisticated one suitable for bigger Credit Unions with large membership and payroll systems.