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The Gambia will host this year’s Africa Development Educators (ADE) program in September. Let’s take full advantage of this by registering more candidates. You can send 4 candidates to attend a DE in the Gambia for the cost of sending one candidate to attend DE abroad. There are very limited openings. Attached is the registration form for the upcoming ADE program. Including hotel accommodations, the cost per person is pegged at $2700. All delegates including the host country are required to stay at the hotel for the duration of the program. This is still far cheaper than sending one person abroad. Due to the pandemic, space is limited. Those interested May fill out the form and return it to NACCUG on or before Tuesday, August 10th. #ADEProgramm#InTHEGambia#NACCUG#ACCOSCA#CooperationAmongCooperatives

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