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NACCUG is implementing a digital payment system (Mobile Wallet)

NACCUG is pleased to inform all cooperators that they are implementing a digital payment system (Mobile Wallet). Currently, Four Credit Unions are identified for the pilot.

Members can carry out the following services

1. Salary payments,

2. Cash in, Cash out, loans disburse to members’ wallets directly,

3. Member to member, credit unions to the credit union, credit union to member, Government to member, and member to Government transactions.

4. International remittance. The wallet will enable the members to receive international remittances directly into their wallets.

5. A key part of the project is the interconnectivity of the credit unions and integrating them into the National Switch (GAMSWITCH) which will help the CU members to purchase services (Airtime, Electricity, water, bank transfers, and bill payments). This has been integrated and tested with the national switch (GAMSWITCH).

Therefore, Naccug is organizing a digital payment training which is scheduled to take place on the 6th of June 2022 at the NACCUG Training Academy.

Many thanks for your usual co-operation. Together we can have a Credit Union ecosystem that will include all our members irrespective of their location.


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