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NACCUG and ECOWAS GIZ Empower Gambian Youths and Women with Starter Kits!

In a ceremony held at the NACCUG Head Office, NACCUG disbursed starter kits to 10 Gambian youths, aimed at supporting their entrepreneurial dreams. These starter kits encompass various tools and resources across the three value chains being supported by the MESSI project.
The disbursement event marks the 4th of its kind in the Greater Banjul Area (GBA) since the launch of the MESSI initiative in 2021. NACCUG is proud to be a part of this impactful project, which is made possible through our collaboration with the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The microenterprise start-up support project is a vital component of the ECOWAS Regional Stabilization and Development Fund, The Gambia Pilot Project, proficiently implemented by ECOWAS GIZ -.
The Micro-enterprise Start-up Support Initiative (MESSI) is dedicated to empowering young individuals between the ages of 16 to 35 years. The MESSI is concentrated in three key Gambian administrative regions: Greater Banjul Area, Lower River Region, and Upper River Region.
The MESSI project is designed to enhance access to financial capital and expertise for young entrepreneurs who are managing microenterprises or possess innovative business ideas in the horticulture, fishery, and poultry value chain.
We believe that empowering our youths and women with the necessary tools and resources will foster economic growth and create sustainable opportunities for the future. At NACCUG, we are committed to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within our communities and supporting the development of successful microenterprises.
We extend our gratitude to the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany and the ECOWAS-GIZ for their unwavering support in making the MESSI project a resounding success. Together, we are making a positive impact on the lives of Gambian youths and contributing to the growth and development of our beloved nation.

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