This Building is funded by credit unions of The Gambia with support from saving bank foundation for international corporation (SBFIC).  It is inaugurated by former minister of agriculture HON. OMAR A. JALLOW on Friday 13th April,2018. The training center consist of one big training hall and has two modern projectors in it, six freezers, Ceiling Fans, training kits for the trainer such as carts and markers, another standard hall for cafeteria which has a Television set with access to Multi-TV Channels and WiFi Internet Access can also be used for training in the case of double training sessions. The bigger training room does not go above thirty five participants {35} for each training sessions but the training hall itself can accomodate up to three hundred people {300} . The research and training manager has his office room in the training center and his assistant has his office room, two toilets for gentlemen’s and two toilets for females.